NEF's Kid Booster is an emergency fund for the most dire issues that keep a child from learning effectively. 
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NEF helps fund inspirational enrichment programs or expand existing programs created by 203 teachers, parents and students. Each year, 30-50 grants are awarded in the categories of Literacy, Math/Science, Fine Arts, Health/Physical Education and Cultural Studies. 
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NEF helped create and fund Study Skills Academies in each of the Naperville School District 203 schools.The Academies give students a boost with homework, additional learning strategies and time from a skilled educator. The Study Skills Academies have been credited with helping raise standardized test scores in the District. 
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NEF provides a conduit for individuals or their families to fund and administer endowment or memorial funds from personal gifts or community contributions. These restricted funds are used to support specific grants or provide students scholarships or awards based on the wishes of the contributors. 
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How NEF Helps Students
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Encouraging creativity, innovation and excellence
in our students.
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The Naperville Education Foundation (NEF) raises and grants funds for programs that enhance and enrich the educational experience of Naperville School District 203 students.
With the generous support of foundations, businesses, educational professionals and individual donors, NEF is able to provide financial resources that increase learning opportunities by supplementing school district budgets. NEF encourages creativity, innovation and excellence in our students by helping to ensure that every student in the district can take advantage of opportunities to make the most of their education.
Founders Classic Golf Outing
Building a Passion Breakfast
Naperville Marathon
Sponsors & Donors
Grants, Scholarships and Endowments
Kid Booster Anonymous Fund
Study Skills Academy
Start The Day Program (formerly Breakfast Program)
Gift of Appreciation
Jeanine Nicarico Memorial Fund
Cents for Kids
Parent Registration Checkoff
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NEF Robotics      (Captioned)
NEF Start The Day    (Captioned)
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