The Naperville Education Foundation (NEF) encourages creativity,
innovation and excellence in our students. We give students the
edge that's vital to compete and succeed in a fast-paced
world. We believe that helping children, enriching student
learning and funding creative programs ensures that the quality
of each child's education is the best it can possibly be.
In all that we do, working hand-in-hand with Naperville School District 203
ensures that NEF meets its needs, goals and ongoing mission. By
supplementing public funds with private philanthropy, we offer support so
that District 203 continues to be a place for unparalleled learning. Only with
your donation can we provide exceptional opportunities for our children.
If you have any questions, please contact Wendy at (630) 420-3086 or
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Click here to donate online.
Click here to download and print a donation form to send via U.S. mail.
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Give $1 for each year NEF has supported D203 students


Pays for 350 nutritious snacks for students to help them “Start the Day” ready to learn


Provides seed money to fund a student or teacher written grant


Covers up to 8 counseling sessions for an at-risk child through the Kid Booster Anonymous Fund


Pays for half of a study skills budget at 1 Junior High School

Here are some examples of the IMPACT of your dollars for 203 students.