Annual Grant Awards
The Naperville Education Foundation's (NEF) mission is "to encourage creativity, innovation, and excellence in our students." The Naperville Education Foundation's Annual Grant Awards are funded by community donations. Grant applications will be reviewed by teams made up of current and former NEF Trustees, D203 faculty, staff and administration, community members and District retirees.

NEF is pleased to announce that Grant Applications are now available for District 203 teachers, staff, students and parents. The link you'll find below will take you to the grant website and provide all the necessary information for completing your grant application.

Click Here For Grant Information And Submission

This year, NEF will accept projects that correlate to D203 curriculum in two categories:

1. Social Emotional Learning (SEL)
For this category, grants may provide opportunities within other curricula that reinforce SEL. For example, a grant might provide students with creative or unique opportunity to communicate new learning about SEL through writing or other media. An SEL grant that includes opportunities in Literacy may be eligible for the Alan D. Krashesky Prize.

2. Science, Technology, Engineering & Math (STEM)

Google Forms will be accepted from November 20, 2017 until January 12, 2018.

Only applications submitted electronically through the Google Form will be accepted.

Jamie Albrecht Memorial Scholarship Fund
Richard Brassington Memorial Trust Endowment
Zachary Clifton Memorial Endowment
Theresa Funke Memorial Scholarship Fund
David Carleton Hagen Scholarship Endowment
Judith Griffiths Mattison Memorial Endowment
Matt McCallum Memorial Endowment
Jeanine Nicarico Memorial Literacy Fund
John Pearce Performing Arts Scholarship
Alexandra Grace Piepho Memorial Scholarship Fund
Jane Latshaw Scherer Education Scholarship Endowment
WIlliam H. Scherer Athlete of the Year Scholarship Endowment
Dan Shanower Memorial Endowment Scholarship
Donald Smith Scholarship Fund
Team Stuckey Future Educator Scholarship Fund
Sue Thomas Memorial Scholarship Endowment
Gregory Vasich Memorial Endowment Scholarship
Matthew Richard Voss Memorial Endowment
Calista Wehrli Memorial Education Scholarship Endowment
Wight & Company Scholarship Fund
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