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"Start The Day"
(Formerly "Breakfast Program")
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Abundance is such a lush, descriptive word.

Abundance is also relative -- and something that can be taken for granted when itís enjoyed.

Sarah is a second grader who attends school in District 203, one of many students from a
surprising number of low-income Naperville families who are barely making -- and often not making --
ends meet. While some of us are blessed with the ability to stock a full refrigerator and pantry,
Sarah and her family donít understand the word "abundance" when it comes to food -- itís simply
something they never experience.

What she does have in abundance (along with an estimated 400 other students each day) is a grumbling tummy when she arrives at school nearly every day. She gets cranky and itís hard to focus on schoolwork, but she doesn't know why.

As you may know, students struggle to achieve in school when they start the day off hungry. Sarahís school social worker and school nurse, in conjunction with her teacher, help her in many ways and one way is by providing her with a light breakfast funded by NEFís "Start The Day Program" (formerly called "Breakfast Program"). It stops the grumbling in Sarah's tummy and then she is ready to learn.

Did you know that one in six District 203 students come from low-income families? NEF helps ensure that all of our young students start the day ready to learn by giving each school some funding for their Start The Day Program.

Will you help us? You may make a contribution to the Start The Day Program either online at this link:

NEF's Start The Day Program

or by mail to

NEF, 203 W. Hillside Rd., Naperville, IL 60540

Please make a gift today! Let's fill all tummies in the morning.

Your generosity is truly appreciated! Thank you.
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